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  1. For one night…my name was Nadia.

    We all have an alter ego (or in my case wish we did) to call in for reinforcements, when the thought of saying or committing the unquestionable…the unthinkable…as yourself simply won’t do.

    Enter Nadia.

    I didn’t even know or think to know she even existed until one delicious night.

    I won’t get into all the details, but every gal has a Mr. Big.
    Every single last one of us.
    We KNOW we shouldn’t share space, conversation, time, thought, spit or any other bodily fluid with this Class A prime fuckboi.
    But the peen. The damn peen.
    Loins just ablaze at the thought of him…and the perfect curvature of the only good or redeeming part of this asshat – that wonderful, magical damn dick.
    Oh, Mr. Big why do you continue to torture me and keep me dickmatized so?!

    Let’s call my affliction, La Vida Loca (LVL).
    So LVL hits me with the “Sup, WYD later ?” text relatively early in the day for him.
    After a brief exchange we set up the meeting point and time.

    As it so happened to be a crisp fall day, I came home from work still in civilized garb, with the exception of my tights. I mean, they were definitely tame enough for work…with only the slightest bit of beautiful bow detail peeking out from under my pencil skirt.

    LVL was at the door. Too damn early. I didn’t even have a chance to freshen up all the important bits. With no time to slip into anything comfortable, I ran to the door to let him in. Pleasantries were exchanged. He followed me into my apartment.

    I turned around to say…clearly nothing of importance.
    He grabbed me & pushed me against the wall.
    Being the expert fuckboi, legendary skills were on full display – my clothes played a disappearing act in .2 seconds flat. No lie.

    It was a sexy scene. I never felt more desired…and powerful before.
    I stood there…pert titties, nipples glaring at him, demanding attention.
    Nothing but my femaleness, a pair of tights and stilettos on full display.

    LVL felt it, he needed to settle in for a long ride.
    Before I knew it, I was attacked. Well my tights were.
    Mouth, teeth, wet lips, hands, fingers…all clawed at my body..ripping and tearing off delicate designs and fabric along the way.

    With nothing but tattered fabric and a gaping hole from crotch to ass crack…we went at it.
    Night’s like this make you realize that dickmatized is a very real affliction.

    Nadia was born that night.
    Why Nadia you ask?
    My go to, absolute favorite style of kickass, LOOK AT ME AND MY BADASS SEXY SELF pair of Erica M tights are called…you guessed it NADIA!
    *insert smirking emoji here*

    • What a salacious story! It’s too bad Mr. Big had to rip through your Nadia tights but what a thrill! I’m sure it was worth it. Check your inbox for a discount code you can apply towards your replacement pair. Thanks for sharing your story!

    • I had no ideal I had an alter ego and she is a very sexual alter ego. It only happens when I wear Eric M. She was unleashed one night and I was like WOW the next day. One thing for sure is that I like her. She does things I will never do on the regular. When I am in my regular under wear I am a regular woman, but this wear is so very, very, sexy.

      • I definitely agree! The right undergarments make such a difference in your attitude. You can wear a very conservative outfit but knowing that you are wearing something naughty underneath is such a thrill! Customers tell me when they wear Erica M. they even walk differently. It’s more like a sashay.

  2. I want to get my wife some sexy lingerie for Xmas. But, I know as much about lingerie as I do about rocket science. Could you please guide me what would be a safe purchase?

    • Hi! Thanks for contacting us! We are happy to help. How does your wife typically dress? Is she conservative? Edgy? Is she short? tall? Petite? Let me know and i can point you in the right direction. Thanks! – Sonia

  3. The Hanako Tank Top is a gorgeous and classic style. I’d been looking for something like it for my girlfriend for ages, but that classic high-collar bare-arm style is surprisingly difficult to find. She loves it, and she looks beautiful in it.

    The first time she wore it was an easy weekend night out. We had dinner in a fine restaurant, and then on the spur of the moment decided to go to a little college bar we like to play pool on the funky little coin-op pool tables. She wore the Hanako with tight jeans and kitten heels, and she was beautiful.

    We were finishing our last game when the waitress came over and said that someone at the bar wanted to buy her a drink. But she was driving us home, and we asked if it was OK if they bought me a drink instead. I ended up with a shot of Laphroig.

    It could only have been one person: there was a lovely young woman at the bar by herself. She only wanted a beer, but there was a two-drink minimum that night. She saw my girlfriend wearing the Hanako, and she saw how I looked at her, and she appreciated the atmosphere.

    We finished our last game of pool and went over to her at the bar, saying that we guessed it must have been her to buy that drink. We had a lovely, close, surprisingly intimate conversation with a stranger. But we have her card; we want to see her again.

    The best part? My girlfriend and I are 52 years old. Our new friend is twenty years younger.

    • Thank you so much for this story! We love hearing about responses our customers get when wearing our pieces. These stories drive us to keep designing! Your girlfriend sounds like a gorgeous woman and we are thrilled she felt good in our Hanako Tank Top. And to top it off Laphroig is Erica M.’s favorite scotch! You are our kind of customer. Please enjoy a 15% off coupon. We are emailing it to you now. Cheers Christopher!

      – Sonia D.

  4. So I was flipping through February Essence Magazine and see your interview Style;Design Watch-so thrilled that I immediately went to this website on my iPhone and am oh so happy that I connected. Can’t wait to make a purchase

    • Thank you so much Safiyuah! A discount code is coming your way. Thanks for the comment!

  5. I’m in school for Fashion Apparel in Dallas, TX. I came across an article of you and your fabulous Lingerie. I decided to do my report and presentation of you and your Luxury Lingerie. I had fun researching your line of lingerie. I’ll do a follow-up and let you know the grade I receive.

    • What an honor Vickie! Thank you so much! I hope you do well on your report. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions and keep an eye out for a gift in your inbox!

  6. PLEEEEEASE email me EXACTLY when you get the Karina top and matching leggings..small/medium
    I would be the GOAT to my wife of 13yrs of I was to get my hands in this outfit!!!


  7. Hello ericamnyc, I just stumbled upon your fabulous IG page and I am totally blown away! Your clothing and images are so beautifully naughty I am absolutely hooked! Nothing makes me feel sexier then a pair of fishnets with stilettos and a perfectly laced up corset…That’s the business. I can’t wait to place my first order! Thank you for being so awesome. :-*

  8. What a great collection! Love of all of them :)Maybe you could share with me some pdf or promotional material for my blog? Wow!

  9. Hello, CAN You translater on French, please, bécasse I don’t understand all the text.
    Thanks for all.
    Please have You some stop on France????


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